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Bad Custer

If you’ve forgotten that rock n’roll can be fun and silly, Bad Custer is here to remind you. The Pittsburgh-based group brings high energy, high volume, and a quirky sense of humor to their 

rollicking, piano-driven rock.

The group consists of Jesse Davis (guitar, vocals, primary songwriter), Phil Giammattei (bass, vocals), Kurt Giammattei (keys, vocals), and Jake Leya (drums.) “Jesse is a never-ending fountain of songs, cryptic phrases, and characters,” explains Phil. “Every time we get together, he's gone and written a new song, and a lot of our inside jokes turn into songs too. Our creative process is basically filtering through that material and polishing what we like enough to play again.”

Evolving from a series of high school garage bands in the Pittsburgh suburb of Allison Park in the mid-2000’s, Bad Custer got its official start five years ago. Shortly afterwards, they moved their home base to Liveburghstudio in Glenshaw, which Phil says has been “a big part of Bad Custer since the beginning.” The rehearsal/performance space, a key resource for many Pittsburgh bands, is owned and operated by Chris Leya. “Chris’ networking and hospitality has opened a lot of doors for us,” says Phil, “one of which being that his son, Jake, is our drummer!”

Since then, the group has performed multiple times on local radio station 102.5 WDVE; released a full-length album (2018’s Bad Custer), along with an EP and a handful of singles; played with hometown heroes The Clarks at a rally supporting John Fetterman’s 2016 Senate campaign; and been featured in various local festivals and showcases, opening for acts like Wreck Loose, Donora, and The Commonheart.

The band hopes to bring their rowdy sound to more cities and more gigs following the release of Bad Custer Needs Work in 2020. Keep an eye out for their lead single, “Lies of the Few,” coming sooner than that.

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