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Chase and the Barons

Website: www.chaseandthebarons.com


Musical Inspiration: Talking Heads, Weezer, Led Zeppelin


Sound: Rock n' Roll

When did you form as a band?

The band started during the recording sessions for frontman Chase Barron’s second solo album when drummer Jake Stretch and bassist Jacob Rieger recorded their parts for Chase’s release. “It was very evident by the end of the sessions that the three of us were playing more like a full band than just studio musicians,” says Stretch,“and we started writing material before the album was finished. We decided then to go for it.” Within a few months throghout the Fall of 2015, the band grew from a trio into a quintet with the additions of lead guitarist Mike Saunders and saxophonist Tyler Handyside, and started to play out frequently. The band’s first performance was an energetic house show set to kick off the new year 2016.


Where all have you performed?

Chase and the Barons have played a wide variety of shows, including bar gigs, house shows, battles of the bands, and events.  Local venues played include The Rex, The Smiling Moose, the Club at Stage AE, and Howlers.  Private events played include those at Wigle Whiskey, Point Park University, and Carnegie Library.  Some other events played include Christmas Village and Earth Day Festival, both in Market Square, and the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon.  

In April 2017, Chase and the Barons released their debut EP, “Propose a Toaster”, which was accompanied with a release show at The Club at Stage AE.  Presented by Pioneer Records, the show also featured the release of a music video for lead single “Rule the World”, produced in collaboration with Point Park University’s cinema department.  In May of 2017, Chase and the Barons were fortunate enough to compete in and win Hard Rock Rising’s Battle of the Bands at the regional level, and will go on to compete in an international next round of the event.


What musicians do you draw your inspiration from?

Influences include Talking Heads, Weezer, and Led Zeppelin.  We draw from not only musical aspects of our favorite artists, but other elements including fashion and the love of making people dance.  We aim to successfully present ourselves as entertainers in every aspect.


Describe your sound?

Chase and the Barons aim to bring rock n’ roll back to the dance floor. With an emphasis on style, energetic performances, and pocketed grooves, the band has created a standout sound for their audiences to enjoy. A combination of guitars, saxophone, layered percussion, and vocal harmony adds a creative edge to their original music and extensive library of cover songs. Their sound is fun yet modern, and has been compared to the likes of modern alternative bands like Weezer, The Black Keys, Cake, and the Arctic Monkeys.


What is your most memorable performance experience?

Chase and the Barons’ most memorable performance is easily their Woodland Ruckus performance in the Summer of 2016.  The band set up in a cabin in DuBois, PA to record some demos in August, and also established the Woodland Ruckus music festival there in collaboration with a local venue, The Barrn.  The inaugural festival featured one day of music headlined by Chase and the Barons, and has already expanded into a weekend-long festival for 2017.  


Where can your fans check out your music and merchandise?

Our music is all available for streaming and purchase at bandcamp.com/chaseandthebarons.  Our merchandise, including T-shirts, stickers, CD’s, and posters, is available at all of our shows and will be available soon for online purchasing.


What is your website?

www.chaseandthebarons.com features our band and member biographies, photos and videos, music, and our upcoming performance dates and information.

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