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The distelfink is a song bird common in PA German folk art symbolizing joy and good fortune. It translates in PA German to "thistle finch", a name given to it because it eats the seeds from a thistle plant. Thistle is considered a weed in agriculture, making the distelfink a natural defense for crops, thus joy and good fortune for farmers. Likewise, my band explores these themes through composition and lyricism.

I have always enjoyed the music and dance of the area I grew up. That's why I sing my songs under the name artist name Distelfink. My music is my own combination of folk, pop, country, jazz, and world influences. I sing and play my own songs and compositions both in live performance and studio recordings.

I began music around the age nine starting on the French horn and journeying through piano, guitar, bass, banjo, percussion, accordion, wind instruments, and stretching on to whatever instrument I can get a hold of next. I received vocal training and theory originally in church, then in school, and then through a series of my own bands. It's a life passion I'm glad to share. When you see me live it will be me and my guitar.  My recordings demonstrate me on the other instruments I play along with overdubbed vocal harmonies.


I spent a good deal of my 20s farming and traveling back and forth across Pennsylvania for work and visiting loved ones.  A lot of my lyrical content comes from these experiences.  I've met a lot of cool people in the past years, learned some amazing things about agriculture, played sports, performed music, and shared great times and fond memories traveling alone and with company across the state.  I am using Distelfink to put my life experiences out there for anyone listening who maybe can relate to my life.


I'm currently gigging in the Pittsburgh area. Look out for what I've got going on next.  You can reach me for booking at distelfinkband@gmail.com or facebook.com/distelfink1.

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