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Website: dooshbears.com and donstrange-music.com


Musical Inspiration: Pavement, Mountain Goats, Dead Milkmen, Bob Dylan, old REM, Deerhunter, etc.


Sound: Progressive Folk MusicIndie Rock with touches of Punk, Classic Rock, and Anti-Folk

When did you start performing?



Band members and instruments?

Don Strange: Guitar, Vocals | Scott Kostley: Bass | Brad Hurlburt: Drums


Where have you performed? 

The Rex, Brillobox, Club Café, Gooski’s, Howlers, and many others


What is your most memorable performance experience?

Playing WYEP around Halloween, I had to drink 3 pumpkin flavored beers just to get the nerves out – and I’m not a fan of pumpkin beers. The show ended up going over great! 


Where can your fans check out your music and merchandise?

Check out thedooshbears.bandcamp.com – albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other places

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Don Strange and the Doosh Bears

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