Fishing Without Bait @withoutbait

Sundays at 930am

Fishing Without Bait is a show about managing expectations and promoting mindfulness in our lives.

Jim is a mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapist with deep roots in 12 step recovery.  As a result of his own "tim of troubles" his life's passion is to help people help themselves by having a "psychic change" which does not involve terror cards or crystal balls, however does require a "changing of your thoughts in a change through your actions." In keeping with that he's developed a concept called "full impact mindfulness" incorporated with his vision of "Fishing Without Bait".  


Fishing without Bait is a lifetime of living without definitive expectations which often sets us up for failure and disappointment.  It's a concept about fully participating in one's life, paying attention on purpose and having conscious choices.  A social activist, a buddhist by philosophy, and a quaker by affiliation, he finds that most of his difficult patience are his two cats.


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