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Website: klaymore.bandcamp.com


Musical Inspiration: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica


Sound: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Klaymore is a four-piece heavy metal band hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From fast-paced and in your face to melody-driven and memorable (and hitting everywhere else in between), Klaymore is an all-guns-blazing, metal onslaught. Klaymore comes armed with an arsenal of vicious dual-lead guitar licks, thunderous double-bass drumming, octaves upon octaves of vocals, and bass lines bursting through the mix (not to mention a sense of humor). Whether they're singing about their favorite Nintendo games or mindless self-destruction, audiences find the band's lyrics oddly easy to connect with. Through a combination of memorable musicality meeting relatable lyrical content, Klaymore is ushering in a “New Breed” of heavy metal.

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