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Moonspeaker is a Pittsburgh based band that formed in 2017. Best described by the Pittsburgh City Pages as a “pop-folk fantasy,” Moonspeaker released their debut album “Gravity” at the start of 2019. Combining themes of life and death, love and loss, and pride and disgrace, Gravity’s enchanting melodies will draw you in while the eclectic drums carry you through the dreamlike narrative. 


The album’s opening tracks “Cut Me Loose” and “Naked in the Sun” provide levity before the album drifts into the darker territory of “Badlands,” “Never Die,” and “America” The album lifts you back up with the hopeful “Weight of Worry” then climaxes with the powerful title track, “Gravity.” 


Find Gravity on most popular streaming services, or go to moonspeaker.bandcamp.com.


Moonspeakers’s sound begins with songs written by Haven Avery, lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Aiden Angle’s unique drum rhythms and Kaleem Kheshgi’s dynamic bass lines then give the songs a new energy, while harmonies by Ric West and Chris Lu round out the edges. Chris’s violin, Kaleem’s flute, and Ric's keyboard then put the icing on the cake. 


Moonspeaker is now focused on their second album, and current members Haven Avery, Aiden Angle, Chris Lu, and Evan Leet are refining it to be a worthy successor to the first.

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