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Native Alloys

Native Alloys is a three-piece rock power trio from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania made up of Bryan Lepri (vocals and guitar), Joe Pisciotta (bass), and Nick Kowalski (percussion). The band is a traditional rock outfit with their own interpretation of what rock ā€˜nā€™ roll should be: both celebrating its roots and evolving with the times and technologies. They make music aimed at to be relatable and make the listener feel good.


The band was pieced together in summer 2014. Lepri and Pisciotta were working together in a band that would not congeal and was weathering roster changes.  They played a show with an experimental noise band that featured Kowalski and knew right away that wanted him. Lepri and Pisciotta wanted to see what he could do in a band with more of a structure. Kowalski was glad to return to his traditional rock upbringing. The band meshed personally and professionally immediately. The first Native Alloys show was just weeks after the initial meeting in July of 2014. Since then, they have played venues and festivals throughout the Midwest and East Coast and in their hometown of Pittsburgh.

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