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Neon Swing X-perience

Website: http://www.neonswing.com


Musical Inspiration: Vintage Americana Music and Swing


Sound: Swing/Jazz/Rockabilly

Wild. Wacky. Zany. Fun.

That sums up Neon Swing X-perience (NSX) in four simple words. Yet there is more to the story of the “only band bold enough to jump, jive, and rock.”  

NSX was formed in 1998 by Mike Urick and a rag-tag group of musicians who had a passion for the music of a bygone era. Since its origins, NSX has been relentlessly devoted to updating and preserving vintage American genres such as swing, rockabilly, hot jazz, horn rock, and blues. Described as “swing with sting,” NSX’s style is a raucous modernization of multiple influences all rooted in the big bands of the 1930s and 1940s. 

The group performs anywhere from a 5-piece ensemble to an 8-piece mini-big band. In its full 8-piece version, NSX consists of Mike Urick (vocals/trumpet), Wally Hunter (sax/trumpet/vocals), Joe Palacki (drums), Steve Tomkowitz (sax/vocals), Tim Palko (bass/guitar/vocals), Chris Dufalla (trombone/vocals), Dave Frye (guitar), and Steve Palko (organ/bass). 

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