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Musical Inspiration:The Black Keys, Dawes, Grace Potter, Counting Crows, Norah Jones


Sound: Rock

Says She is a Cleveland based rock band whose story started in Oxford, Ohio where all members of the band attended Miami University. Lead singer Molly Pesarchick, met drummer David Shullenberger sophomore year through mutual friends and found that they both had a passion for music. However, during these college years time can get away from you and it wasn’t until senior year that the two decided to team up and put a band together. Matt Rehker joined as lead guitar player after being reintroduced to Pesarchick at the restaurant where she worked during college. The two had gone to the same high school but had never really met until this point. Together the three formed a cover band and spent the remainder of their college days becoming close friends and learning how to play together.

Post college, the three split to follow career opportunities and over the course of the year apart Pesarchick and Rehker kept in touch and began collaboratively writing original music. “It isn’t easy finding someone that has the same musical vision as you. When Matt and I began writing together it was fantastic because we really pushed each other outside of our comfort zones musically and I believe that melding our styles gave our music depth,” said Pesarchick. In August of 2012, Rehker and Shullenberger took a leap of faith and relocated to Cleveland to further pursue their passion for music. Says She was formed and the trio began really concentrating on finding their style... the band hit the Cleveland music scene ready to make a name for themselves. The band recorded their debut album “Tall” at Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

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Says She

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