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Shin Guard

Website: http://shinguard.bandcamp.com/

Musical Inspiration: Good people

Sound: Alternative/ Emo

When did you form as a band?
November 2016


Where all have you performed?
The Smiling Moose, Black Forge Coffee House, Mr. Smalls Theatre, Gooski’s, Grille 565, the Pittsburgh Marathon, Various Basements and Garages, even a Fire Hall


What musicians do you draw your inspiration from?
The ones who not only are good musicians, but are good people.


Describe your sound?
Emo, alternative, sad, fit for tear shedding


What is your most memorable performance experience?
Bike cops yelled at Joe for his stage presence during the Pittsburgh Marathon.


Where can your fans check out your music and merchandise?
Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, most platforms


What is your website? 

http://shinguard.bandcamp.com/ for music
https://shinguardpgh.tumblr.com/ for assorted words

Upcoming Shows
Shin Guard's upcoming shows can be found at their website. 

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