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Snowdonia is an indie pop group from all corners of Pittsburgh, PA. Since forming in the fall of 2016, the band has slowly matured into a six piece that has a unique sound driven by its violin and flute orchestrations. The band has played some of the biggest concert venues and festivals in Pittsburgh since its first iteration, and since their 2019 EP Veneers, have grown popularity outside of Pennsylvania.


A good deal of Snowdonia’s success and accessibility comes from that melting pot of genres, with one foot set in pure pop music and the other jumping from funk, rock, classical, jazz, and hip-hop over the course of just one song. What’s so remarkable about it is how all of the differences fall in line with sharp songwriting and arranging - there’s nothing jumpy about Snowdonia despite those influences which careen across every genre possible. All of those qualities together create a style that is hard to find anywhere else, particularly from teenagers.

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