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Thieves & Lovers

Website: www.thievesandlovers.com


Musical Inspiration: Gaslight Anthem, Tom Petty, The Replacements


Sound: Rock/ Alternative/ Acoustic

When did you form as a band?

Spring of 2014 in Los Angeles


Where all have you performed?

We started touring around southern California, we’ve played all throughout the southern US, southeast, and now the northeast – Baltimore, DC, and now Pittsburgh.


What musicians do you draw your inspiration from?

Some of our favorite artists include Gaslight Anthem, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Tom Petty, Goo Goo Dolls, and the Replacements.


Describe your sound?

Rock with driving guitars and melodic vocals.


What is your most memorable performance experience?

Selling out the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in LA right before it closed. For an indie band, that was an awesome accomplishment. Many thanks to all who have shown support!


Where can your fans check out your music and merchandise?

Our website is best:





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