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Victory At The Crossroads

Liss Victory uses her music as a force against the struggle. Playing a grungy guitar rhythm paired with thought-provoking lyrics, she writes “hurricane-voiced songs that can be dark, but not necessarily bleak” (Times-News, Erie, Pa.). A “political songstress” (Pittsburgh City Paper), her work reflects a Middle American background, living in the shadows of a withering industrial Pennsylvania during the longest war in United States history.


Her band, Victory At The Crossroads (#VXRoads), amps up her songs with electricity and the addition of Travis Crossroads’ percussive stylings on full drumkit. Or, sometimes, busking with maracas.

Victory draws inspiration from her musical friends and loved-ones, with such influences as John Yochim of Pegasus Unicorn and Jargonauts; DJBJ Bob Jensen of Basement Transmissions; Matt Boland of Broke Boland; Chet Vincent of The Big Bend; and even standup comic, Krish Mohan.


Victory learned guitar as an adult from Yochim and began performing live shows after writing her first song in 2009, “Blue on Blue… ACTION!,” which still holds a place on the VXRoads setlist. Now, she survives as a touring musician, playing live, original music from coast-to-coast of the United States.


Victory currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pa., the Steel City. She can frequently be found at The Pittsburgh Art House, where she masterminded and hosts the “Haus Mic” open mic and “Haus Lab” artists’ workshop. She curates “The Girlie Show” at the Lawrenceville stalwart, Hambone’s Pub. She also hosts a weekly, interview podcast called, “That Broad Cast.”

Website: https://lissvictory.com/projects/vxroads/

Sound: Indie Rock

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